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Netgear WGT634U


These pages describe how to get a custom 2.6 kernel running on the WGT634U and mounting a root filesystem over NFS. They may provide more - it just depends on how much I get done :)

Target Audience

You need not have any embedded systems experience. Knowing how to compile a kernel however would be a good start. Experience using cvs, patch, make would also come in handy, but hopefully I'll describe it in enough detail.

I use Debian. However, this should be mostly distro independant (apart from installing the odd package or two).


Just for the record, in my network I give the router an IP of, and the host system gets


Input or output from a shell are shown in a cyan border:

$ this_is_a_shell_command

A $ prompt indicates a normal (user) account, a # prompt is the root user.

# this is run as root

Contents (or changes to files are shown in a purple border:

this would be the contents of a file

Credits & Thanks

A big thanks goes out to Jolt for helping me with this. Without him I'd probably still be stuck trying to get a kernel built...

Other contributors:

Errors / Omissions

Email nomis52 <AT> westnet <DOT> com

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