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Building a Root Filesystem

We can use the root file system set up by buildroot as a base to work from (it saves installing and symlinking the uClibc libraries).

As far as I know, the root filesystem needs to be owned by root so that it works properly when the router mounts it. If anyone knows a way around this please do tell, otherwise you need to be root when you manipulate files in the rootfs (which is why we set up sudo earlier).

Before you run this as root, check that $PROJ_ROOT is defined. Else everything will get installed to /rootfs

# cd $PROJ_ROOT/buildroot/build_mipsel/root # cp -R * $PROJ_ROOT/rootfs/

Ok we need to make some device entries now, do the following:

# cd $PROJ_ROOT/rootfs/dev # mknod -m 666 null c 1 3 # mknod -m 666 zero c 1 5 # mknod -m 644 random c 1 8 # mknod -m 644 urandom c 1 9 # mknod -m 600 tty0 c 4 0 # mknod -m 600 tty1 c 4 1 # mknod -m 600 ttyS0 c 4 64 # mknod -m 600 ttyS1 c 4 65 # mknod -m 600 console c 5 1

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