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Netgear WGT634U

The WGT634U is another of the (rapidly increasing) family of Linux based routers. What makes it interesting to me ? Well the USB port of course. If I can get it working with the Enttec usb widget, it means I'll have a wireless ArtNet node for around $250 Australian. Sweet.


There is now a wiki set up for the Netgear wgt634u This content will be moved over (slowly).

And it works!

General Notes:

The WGT634U comes with 32MB of RAM, and 8MB Flash. It uses the 200 MHz Broadcom BCM947XX CPU. and has an Atheros based mini-pci wireless card (b/g), five thernet ports and a USB 2.0 port.

It looks like the routers are manufactured by a company called HannStar in Taiwan

The WGT634U is based on Broadcom's 5365 chip, one of the Sentry5 series. [link]. It appears the cpu contains some sort of encryption co-processor - not sure if this is used in the 634U.

If you're interested in experimenting with Linux on the 634, you might like to follow the steps here, starting with the Introduction.