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What is LLA?

LLA is a lighting architecture for Linux. Parts of it's feature set allows DMX sent using various DMX over IP protocols to be converted from one format to another. This allows devices from different manufacturers to talk to one another (for example a Strand Console can send DMX to an Enttec EtherGate).

LLA was renamed to OLA in 2009 since it runs on more than Linux now. The new website is at

Download LLA Live 0.1 from Sourceforge

LLA is plugin based, so it's fairly easy to extend. Currently the following protocols / devices are supported:

LLA Design

Thanks to the following people / organisations that provide support:

Currently LLA is being distributed on a Live CD. For those who want to roll their own solution, you can access the sources using git:

$ git clone $ git clone

Debian packages are also available. Add the following line to your sources.list file:

deb ./