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ArtNet - News

1 Jan 2007

Wow, no updates for 6 months. LLA Live was released today supporting Artnet, ESPNet, Shownet, Sandnet as well as the Open and Pro widgets. This news page has outlived its usefulness, if you want updates read the Changelogs :)

20 Jul 2006

I've been busy working on LLA and the LLA Live CD. Hip and I have also started

18 Apr 2006

ESTA Manufacturer ID assigned - 'zp'

17 Apr 2006

Libartnet 1.0.0 released (and shortly afterwards 1.0.1 ). Artnet-examples 0.3.6 released.

16 Apr 2006

Long time since an update. ESPNet and ShowNet libraries are now working, and I've got the USB Pro widget to work. This website is now horribly out of date :)

26 Sep

Currently trying to get a pro widget to work.

23 Aug

libartnet-0.1.14-rc1 uploaded

13 Aug

Wow, it's been a while. I ended up doing really well in my Honours Project. Just because it's over doesn't mean nothing will get done! There should be a new release of libartnet out soon. As well as a couple of new projects.

21 May

No updates for a while, been too busy writing my dissertation

30 April - 3 May

Added initial RDM support

18th April

Basic support for the mac, send /receive dmx working

12th April

More bugfixes from OSX. Released libartnet 0.1.8

9th April

Started work to ensure libartnet works under OS X

16th March

Merged bugfixes from the multicasting branch back to the trunk. Cleaned up ArtNetView to work with the latest version of libartnet. Fixed the build issue with Controller (finally).

15th March

Performed some experiments on multicasting performance.

13 - 14th March

Branched from 0.1.4 and added experimental multicasting support. Working well so I'm trying to get some hard data on the difference in performance.

12th March

Released libartnet 0.1.4 and artnet-examples 0.3.1

9 - 10th March

Finally got a stand alone node working with a new router.

7th March

Looked into network performance today. Looks like we can get somewhere between 3 and 4 thousand datagrams per second on a 100Mb link.
Trying to get a JTAG interface working on the router.

4th March

Bricked the router while trying to write the jffs2 image. Dammit.

28th - 1st March

Got USB working on the router, so I now have a working ArtNet node. I haven't done extensive testing but the 200MHz CPU seems to handle it ok.

18-19 Feb 2005

Made some good progress on the router these last two days. Got it mounting a root filesystem with BusyBox installed so I've got basic access. Now trying to get the dmx_usb module to load but I'm having issues with compiling syslogd.

13 Feb 2005

Added joining support so that two nodes can 'join' to support 8 ports per host (using ip aliases). Hopefully later this will be extended to a arbitary number of nodes. Set up cvs repository. Discovered firmware bug where a file with an odd numbered size will lose the last character.

In related news, after chatting to Jolt on MSN the Netgear router is now booting a kernel. I've got to get a root filesystem built for it now.

12 Feb 2005

Fixed all the compiler warnings (should have been done long ago). Started looking at multicasting. Release 0.1.3

11 Feb 2005

Took a day off work to work on libartnet for a release. Firmware support has now been added. Release 0.1.2

1 Feb - 10th Feb

Still trying to get the router working. Bought some books on embedded systems and the Kernel. Still no sucess (kernel ooopsing on boot) but learning heaps on the way though...)

28th - 30th Jan

Still working on the router, got the toolchain installed and the example artnet apps running. I need a 2.6 kernel on it though so I can get the Enttec DMX interface working. No luck yet

24th - 27th Jan

Bought a Netgear router to see if I can get it to work with the Enttec DMX Widget. Got a serial console connected.

15th - 16th Jan

Cleaned up the xmms plugin and ArtNetController for release. Can't get the latter to build properly, it compiles fine but automake is being painful. Updated webpages. Really need to get the next version of libartnet out.

6th - 8th Jan

Modified the ArtNetController so it reads the data for beat detected from a uni domain socket. This allows other apps to send data for beat detection. Wrote the xmms plugin to do just that.

25 - 31 Dec

Working madly on the ArtNetController software in order to get it finished for NYE

19 Dec

Firmware upload support complete
As of the next release the library will be under the LGPL as requested

13 Dec

Started adding support for firmware uploads

12 Dec

Finally got a release out.

11 Dec

Haven't done much for a while with work and all. Removed (broken) thread support.

23rd - 24th

Started adding fading support to the ArtNet Console. Spent almost 2 days trying to get a smooth fade to work. From my DMX desk, if I do a fade the stepper motors on the lights move smoothly, but from the ArtNet Console or the dmxconsole tool in dmx4linux the motor jitter.

22nd Nov

Updated the build cruft and documentation. The USB ports on my desktop machine have died so I have to get the motherboard RA'ed which means I'll down a machine for 2 weeks.