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ArtNetController - Lighting Controller

Download Controller-0.1.3.tar.gz

Download artnetcontroller-xmmsplugin-0.1.tar.gz

This is a simple lighting console built using GTK and libartnet. I made it to control my 3 scanners. It was first used on New Year's Eve 2005 and has since been used at another two parties.

Main Screen

The console has two operating modes: manual and automatic. Above is the manual screen, it should be pretty self explanatory, 12 channels up the top with a fade timer and a master. Down the bottom are the flash buttons and the programmable scenes (which are quite working yet :)

Automatic mode has two sub modes, beating and slow. The program can either sample audio from the sound card, or you can use the xmms plugin.

Beat Mode

When beats are detected in the audio stream, the beat mode is triggered and a new scene is used for each beat. Scenes can either be pre-programed, or specified in templates in the editor shown below

Add New Beat Mode

After a certain time when no beats are found, the state changes to slow mode, where one of the pre-programmed scenes is used.

Slow Mode

Above is the slow mode tab with the audio window off to the left. In the audio window you can set the threshold to trigger a beat, as well as the timeout before changing from beat to slow mode.

Please send comments, requests & patches to nomis52 <AT> .