So far these are all my pets that have made it onto then web. Some of the more astute among you will understand the reasons behind the names. It's pretty easy to tell which is my favourite :). For more pictures check out the pets gallery


A male schnauzer that we got as a puppy around Easter 2000. He is about 11 months in this photo and nearly fully grown. As you can probably see he is a bit confused as he hasn't seen many cameras. He is now very well trained and will do almost everything you tell him to. He spends his days sleeping, eating and playing with his best mate over the road call Josh (another dog).



A cat who was originally a stray. We adopted him some time ago and so don't quite know how old he is. Adolf likes having his head scratched but is afraid of strangers. He used to be much fatter but has been a bit sick recently. (Since Issac arrived)


Rosie & Spike & and all the rest

Two pink and grey galahs. They were kept in a large cage out the front. Both were found (separately) in local parks. Their wings had been clipped so they couldn't fly so as we had a cage we took them in. Recently some neighbour 'conveniently' left the door to their cage open and they got out. They do visit us though, I'll try get a pic soon. The cage is now going to be used to rehabilitate 28's .

There is a bird feeder outside my sister's window so most of the birds that live in the park seem to congreate there.

White Cockatoos

One of the birds we got to look after was a Kookaburra. He had been hit by a car and had a steel pin through his wing. We fed him mice and chickens which my sister had to chop in half :) Kookaburras have a very distinctive call which, well, can't really be described except that it tends to wake you up at 5am. 'Cookie' as he was known, has now moved onto the next stage of the rehabilitation

Cookie the Kookaburra